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Build the Perfect Resume

Trying to build the perfect resume? West Hills Colleges can help!

Having a resume on hand is important for professional growth and your success both in and after college! Resumes should not only grab the attention of potential employers, but also serve as a first impression of yourself. Building a resume and taking the time to really think about what you can offer to an employer is one big step toward being job ready. Let’s start with how to build a basic resume!

At its most basic, your resume will need to include your name and phone number, street address, email address (make sure it’s a professional email address), your objective, skills, work experience and education.


An objective is what is it that you are wanting to accomplish in this job. Are you looking to take this job as a way to build skills? Or is it the dream job you’ve always wanted and this is the culmination of a lot of training? Your objective should short and sweet, no longer than one or two sentences.


List both your hard skills and soft skills. If you don’t know what those are, hard skills are teachable abilities, skills acquired through formal education or training programs. Soft skills are interpersonal skills: “people” skills. For instance, how are you working with others? Are you capable of leadership? The easiest way to list these are as a bulleted list.

Work Experience

Work Experience includes any previous jobs, internships, or volunteer work you’ve had in the past. It should have the month and year of when you took that job and finished, the name of the place, city and state. Also include a job title and short description of what you did in the job. Try to tailor the description of the work experience to the job you are applying for. List the skills you learned at that job that would serve you well in the position you’re applying for. Remember, the goal is to position yourself as the best candidate.


Last comes your Education. Enter any educational experience, including degrees earned or certificates earned. Include the name of the school, dates attended and graduated and what degree or certificate you earned.

If you don’t know how you would want to lay out your resume, look around for templates to use or to base your resume off of. The internet is a great place to find resume templates so that you can get an idea of how you want to lay it out. Microsoft Word also offers built in resume templates.

Once finished with your resume, be sure to save it somewhere safe. Before you submit to a job application, be sure to save a copy that is specific to that job. For instance, if you’re applying at ABC Company for an Assistant Positon. Save the resume as Your Name. ABC Company.

You should also take a look at your resume and how best you can tailor it for the position you’re applying for each time you apply for a job. A resume should fit the position you’re applying for, not be a generic document that you use for everything. Don’t be afraid to tailor it!

West Hills Colleges Pro Tips

West Hills College Lemoore and West Hills College Coalinga/NDC Firebaugh also regularly host workshops on location offering resume help. Be on the lookout!

You can also use the free Jobspeaker app and serve to create a resume! Fill out your information and you can generate a resume to download! Check it out below!

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West Hills College Coalinga Jobspeaker

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