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New Semester, New You: Tips for Preparing for a New School Year

“I shall create a new world for myself.” - Frederic Chopin

A new school year. It’s always an exciting time! You’ve got new classes, new teachers, and new things to do. So what’s the best way to prepare for it? How can you get ready for a new school year or new semester or maybe even your first semester at West Hills College Coalinga or West Hills College Lemoore? Take the time to do a few things and you’re first days of the semester will go by smoothly!

  1. Get to know the West Hills College Lemoore or West Hills College Coalinga campus if you’re not already familiar with it. This is especially important for new students! Walk around the campus. Find out how it’s laid out and where the different buildings are, including anything you might be interested in like Student Unions, theaters, cafeterias, and places like that. If you already have your class schedule, go find out where all of your classes will be held so that you don’t get lost your last day or confused.
  2. Get to know the school. What do you know about West Hills? Did you know that we offer dozens of different degrees and certificates? Browse our website to find out more. This goes for any college or university you attend. Take a look at the website for information about degrees/certificates offered, support services and more. Also check out our social media for information about events, student life and classes!

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  1. Get to know your instructors and their teaching methods. Have your instructors already posted their syllabus before class starts? Look over it and get an idea of what the class will cover and what your workload will be like. Talk to students who have taken the instructor before and get a feel for what your instructor is like!
  2. Figure out your budget. This includes financial aid. Before the semester starts, figure out what you think your costs will be and what you have covered by financial aid or scholarships. What will you need to pay? How much might you spend on things like food, textbooks and school supplies? For more information on budgeting as a college student, check out our post about it here!
  3. Catch up on sleep so that you’re ready and energized for the new school year! Break is great because it gives you a chance to rest. Take advantage of that to get rest and come back ready to go!

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