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Love Saving Money? Take Advantage of Discounts for College Students | West Hills College

Discounts- we all love them. Who doesn’t get excited when they see that the item that they want is on sale for 30%, 40%, or even 50% off? But here’s something you might not know: did you know that you always have access to discounts with your West Hills College student I.D.? Here is a list of a few places that offer discounts for college students! Just a note: this is based on our research. Some of these locations may no longer offer these discounts, but it’s worth asking! West Hills College knows that saving money is important, so here are a few great discounts you can take advantage of and save some money!


  • West Hills College Lemoore’s Vel’s Cafe offers student discounts frequently! Check their Facebook often for details:
  • Chipotle offers a free drink with your purchase if you show your I.D.
  • Subway offers 10% off your entire meal
  • If you need a sweet treat for those scorching hot summer days, head over to Dairy Queen for 10% off your order
  • Burger King offers 10% off your entire meal
  • There are many Buffalo Wild Wings locations that offer 10% off your entire meal. Feel free to ask!
  • Many McDonalds locations offer 10% off your meal
  • Every college student’s favorite taco chain restaurant, Taco Bell, also offers 10% off


In need of new clothes for school or shopping around for the perfect interview outfit? These stores have your back when it comes to giving discounts! Even if your favorite clothing store isn’t listed, it doesn’t hurt to ask if they offer student discounts.

  • Get your next favorite pair of jeans or any other clothing item at Levi’s with a 15% discount
  • ASOS gives a unique student code that gives you 10% off when you register on their online store
  • Urban Outfitters gives 10% off when you present your student I.D.
  • Receive 20% off your entire purchase at Goodwill on their Student and Military discounts day every Tuesday
  • H&M offers 15% off your entire purchase


  • General Motors offers thousands in student discounts so you can get the car of your dreams
  • Amtrak offers 15% your ticket price if you’re a student between the age of 13-25. Make sure to order your train ticket at least three days in advance for this discount
  • Lemoore’s very own KART Bus system offers $10 off one 30-day pass each month when you show them your student I.D. upon purchase

Tech and Digital Service

  • In need of a new laptop? Apple has your back with up to $200 dollars off your next Mac. You can also get a $100 discount if you bought a new Mac or a $50 gift card if you bought a new iPad or iPhone
  • Apple Music offers half off your music subscription when you provide your West Hills College student email
  • Spotify also offers half off your music subscription when you provide a valid West Hills College student email. Both offers last four years or whenever you graduate, whichever comes first
  • Amazon Prime offers half-off subscriptions for four years or whenever you graduate as well. With this subscription you can get discounted text books, unlimited streaming on select shows and movies, and free two-day shipping on select items. You must register with a valid West Hills College student email!
  • FedEx offers 20% off on shipping when you present your West Hills College student I.D.
  • Save $60 with new tablets and smartphones with T-Mobile
  • Get up to 18% off your monthly bill with Verizon
  • The New York Times, The Economist, and The Wall Street Journal offer digital access for $1 a week
  • Save 50% when you get a Norton Anti-virus subscription
  • And use that Norton subscription when you buy your new touchscreen Microsoft PC at a 10% discount. You’ll also get Office 365 for free
  • Save at least 60% when you sign up for Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Sign up for HP Academy and get unbelievable student discounts on their latest items
  • For more discounted technology, register an account with Best Buy and have discounts be sent to your email


  • With Geico, if you have a B average or better, you can save up to 15%
  • Allstate gives up to 20% in savings for good grades



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