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An App For Everything: Best Free Apps for College Students

Sometimes it’s hard being a college student. The course load, deadlines, and tests can sometimes be too much. Good thing there are websites and apps that will help you alleviate those pressures! All the websites and apps listed below are free (unless you want to upgrade to a premium membership), and will help you in more ways than one during your time at West Hills College and beyond!

  1. Google DriveHave you ever gone to class and realized that you left your flash drive with your completed homework or project at home? Say goodbye to those dreaded moments once you create your Google Drive account. When you create an account with your West Hills College email, you will be able to always have access to, upload, and share important documents. Group projects have never been easier to complete than with the Google Drive feature that lets you work on a single document at the same time with your team.
  2. Canvas: The Canvas app is a great way to have access to all of your West Hills College classes at all times. Download the app and get notifications for when your assignments are due or graded.
  3. NetTutor: Don’t have the time to visit a tutor on campus? NetTutor is the perfect alternative to this problem! All of West Hills College’s locations offer this free 24 hour service to all of their students. To find out more information, check out this link!
  4. Duolingo: If you’ve always wanted to learn a new language or need help with one of your foreign language courses at West Hills College, Duolingo will be there to help! This free app has games, tests, and other tasks that will help you master any language.
  5. GoConqr: Are you a visual learner? GoConqr helps you create visuals of your notes that will help you understand and memorize important information. This website will help you create flashcards, study planners, quizzes, and maps of information. Best of all, once you make an account, you’ll have access to these features on any platform so you can study on the go!
  6. Marinara Timer: Increase your productivity with the Marinara Timer! Working on one task for hours on end is boring. In those conditions it’s easy for your mind to wander and start doing things other than what you should be doing. With the timers on this website, you have the option of adding breaks and making your work less monotonous. No need to set up an account – just go to the website and start your timer. There are three timer options; Pomodoro, Custom Timer, Kitchen Timer. Pomodoro is a preset timer that gives you a 25-minute work cycle and then a 5-minute break. After the fourth cycle, it gives you a 15-minute break. The custom timer lets you create any timer intervals that you want. You can decide to work for 15-minutes with a 2-minute break or 40-minutes with a 10-minute break. With the kitchen timer, all you have to do is put how long you want to work and it will alert you when that time is up.
  7. Schooltraq: Schooltraq helps you keep track of all your school work on one website. No need to jot down your West Hills College assignments on a paper planner when you can write them all down on their website and their app. Not only can you use it for your school work, you can use it to keep track of things in your personal life as well.

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