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What’s in Your Backpack? Backpack Essentials from West Hills Colleges

What should be in your backpack or bag that you bring with you to class?

Remembering to pack your bag every morning is a pain so here are some essentials that should be in your backpack before you leave the house, courtesy of West Hills College.

  • Your class schedule or something detailing your schedule for the day. Don’t be late to class. Don’t miss that doctor’s appointment. Make sure you have a planner, calendar or everything entered in your phone.
  • Ever get stuck in a lecture while your stomach grumbles? Pack some snacks that travel well like fruit, granola bars or bite sized food to make sure you don’t get caught hungry.
  • Notetaking method: paper and pen, a laptop or a tablet. Just have something you can take notes on.
  • Anything that checks time. Make sure you have your phone or a good old fashioned watch, but have something so you can keep track of what time it is.

See below for our cheat sheet and click to download as a pdf!

What's in your bag?

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