West Hills Online
Tips for Success

In order that your online learning experience be successful, it’s important that you keep these things in mind:

Work through your orientation class as early as possible. This will allow you to learn exactly those skills that your course will require.  Also, become familiar with the features available in My Student Email. The software and storage capabilities will contribute to your success in an online environment.

All online courses require the following minimum skills at the beginning of the class:

  1. Students must have the ability to send and receive email messages.

  2. Students must have the ability to send, receive, upload, and download various types of documents including RTF (rich text format) documents and attachments.

  3. Students must be able to include an attachment with an email message.

  4. Students must have the ability to print course materials or be fully able to read and comprehend information on the computer monitor.

    The West Hills College Online bookstore can be reached at 1.800.266.1114, Ext. 2360 (locally at 559.934.2360) if you have questions.

    • Have all required software installed before class begins. If the course prerequisites require specific software to be installed, please be sure to do so before class begins. Make sure you have the required version of the requested software.  See the Computer Requirements link to the left for specifics.

    • Be sure you meet any skills prerequisites. Introductory courses are intended for students with little to no experience in the subject matter, but advanced courses may have additional required skill sets. If a course requires competence or mastery of a subject that means you should be able to perform those skills with minimal assistance or use of reference tools.

    • Plan your studies wisely. A typical class week will require reading one to three chapters of the text, participation in the discussion board, and the completion of an assignment. If you work full-time, you may be more successful if you limit your participation to one or two classes at a time.

    • Access your classroom several times each week. One of the biggest benefits of an asynchronous format is that you can access the course at whatever time is most convenient for you. It is important that you enter the site regularly in order that you may be fully aware of assignments and due dates.

    • Enjoy yourself! Learning should be fun, and West Hills Community College hopes to provide a convenient atmosphere in which you can expand your skills.