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Online Readiness Quiz - Technology Skills

Being successful in a fully online course takes a lot of self-discipline and motivation, not to mention a certain level of computer skill. The following quiz is designed to help you decide if online learning is right for you.

Answer the questions below then click the "Get My Score" button at the bottom of the page to generate your score. Some suggestions regarding online learning will be made based on your answers.

Questions Comfortable Somewhat Comfortable Not Comfortable
1 Are you comfortable using a computer or laptop keyboard and mouse?
2 Are you comfortable working with computer files, such as creating, saving, and printing documents?
3 Are you comfortable about logging on to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and navigating to different Web Sites (URLs)?
4 Are you comfortable moving around web pages, moving forward and backward on web pages, printing a web page, or bookmarking web pages as favorites?
5 Are you comfortable with advanced Internet skills, such as using a search engine (Google, Yahoo, etc), and identifying and downloading appropriate files, and/or installing new browser software?
6 Are you comfortable working through error messages while surfing the Internet, such as 'Connection Timed Out' and 'Page Not Found'?
7 Are you comfortable with your email skills, such as logging in and out of your account, sending and receiving email, and attaching or downloading files?
8 Are you comfortable with your basic computer maintenance skills, such as installing software, and/or changing printer ink cartridges?
9 Are you comfortable with your basic troubleshooting skills, such as rebooting the computer in case of a "crash" and resolving printer errors?

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