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Online Readiness Quiz - Study Habits/Lifestyle Readiness
Answer the questions below then click the "Get My Score" button at the bottom of the page to generate your score. Some suggestions regarding online learning will be made based on your answers.
Questions Usually Sometimes Rarely
1 Are you comfortable in your ability to express your thoughts and ideas in writing?
2 Are you able to refrain from distractions and stay on task while working or studying?
3 Do you monitor your progress, keep up with your assignments, and meet deadlines without direct supervision?
4 Are you willing to interact regularly with your instructor and classmates in writing?
5 Do you plan effectively for projects or activities?
6 Are you able to manage your time appropriately?
7 Do you have 10-20 hours per week for studying?
8 Is your schedule flexible to makeup for occasionally lost study time or an unplanned by important activity?
9 Do you have a quiet and personal space for studying that is free from distractions such as television?