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On June 1st, WHCCD will launch the new My Student Email powered by Microsoft's Live@EDU .

My Student Email will provide students with enhanced features, increased email storage capacity and additional collaboration and communication services.

Frequently Asked Questions


Launch Information

When will My Student Email be available?

June 1, 2011

Will my email address remain the same?

No, your student email address will be

Will all of my emails and contacts be moved to the new system?

No, we will not move your content to the new system, but you will have access to your old account until September 30, 2011.  If you need to retrieve/save any content please do so before this date. 

Will my old email account still work on June 1st?

You will have access to your old account until September 30, 2011; however, as of June 1, 2011, any emails received in your old account will be forwarded to your new account.




What browsers can I use to access My Student Email?

Most web browsers can be used to access My Student Email; however, the experience is best on the newest version of Internet Explorer.  If you use a browser that doesn't support the full features, a light version My Student Email will open.  For more information visit Microsoft's Outlook Web App Supported Browsers.


How do I login?

On June 1, 2011, you will need to login to My West Hills, then click My Student Email. You may need to enter your credentials, which is your WHCCD username and password. 


How much storage space will I have?

You will have 10GB of email storage space.


Can I setup my smart phone or mobile device to receive My Student Email?

Yes.  Before you try to setup your smart phone or mobile device, you must change your WHCCD password.  This allows your password to work on your smart phone or mobile device.  

To change your password, log in to My West Hills.  From your Student page, locate the Change Password link (currently located underneath the Applications tab).  Use the instructions on the screen for password requirements. 

After changing your WHCCD password, within your mobile device interface, input your email address, password and the WHCCD exchange server address which is and your email should sync into your mobile device interface with no problems.  If your attempts fail or you are unsure of the specifics on your device, use the instructions available on Microsoft’s website by clicking here.  Please note; your device must have Active Sync capabilities.


Can I setup Outlook 2007 or higher to receive My Student Email?

Yes.  You can now use Outlook 2007 and later clients to view your My Student Email.

From a computer on campus or from your personal computer, launch Microsoft Outlook and when prompted, enter your student email address and WHCCD assigned password and your email will automatically download within Microsoft Outlook.




How can I access my Skydrive to store files?

In order to access your Skydrive where you can upload documents, photos, and other files, use our downloadable instructions


Can I upload any file?

You can upload any file under 50 MB.

Important! Make sure that you set your privacy settings to your desired levels. Do not make files public if you want to keep them private. Be aware of copyright laws. When you choose to use Microsoft's SkyDrive, you are making a contract between you and Microsoft.



For technical problems:

Contact the Helpdesk via email or phone!

Chat – available M-F 8AM to 5PM at

How can I learn how to use all of the new tools and services?

A wealth of information, tips, tricks, and how-to’s are available at


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