Career Center

Benefits for Recruting with Golden Eagle Career connection Center

Over 64% of the West Hills College District students attend classes in Lemoore. More than half of the students drop out of college to pursue temporary career opportunities. Here at the West Hills College Lemoore Career Connection we encourage employment as it supports student accomplishment. These individuals will one day aid in shaping our communities what better way to ensure success then by helping them along the way.

  • Large Assortment of Skilled & Trained Employees
    At Golden Eagle Career Connection, we provide you with easy access to employees to fit your company’s needs.
  • Variety of Skills and Abilities
    WHCL students attributes are required to perform a job and are generally demonstrated through qualifying service, education, or training. We believe skills and abilities is necessary for the successful performance of a position that are contained on each job vacancy announcement.
  • Motivated and Talented Individuals
    Access to students who have unique aspirations and goals that will fit into your company’s objectives including: Bilingualism, and a diverse student population.
  • Convenience
    With classes offered day or night in order to fulfill your various job vacancy announcement. Just logon to our website: ( and list your job vacancies with our “Job Profile.

Golden Eagle Career Connection Services

Job Postings
• Located in binders in the Career Center
• Posted on Bulletin boards across campus
• Via the internet, with website links direct to employers

Job Fairs
• During the Spring semester
• Held on campus, providing opportunities for direct student contact
• Interviewing area provided during the job fair for “on the spot” interviewing

Application Distribution
• We target recruitment of students whose education is geared towards your specific criteria
• Throughout each semester we will distribute your applications to any prospective employee and return finished applications to you for evaluation (includes Summer)