Veteran Registration Bulletin

Monique Suter—(559) 925-3341

Oversees Chp 30, 31, 33, 35 1606/1607 & Fee waiver


                                WHCL Front office—(559) 925-3317


  • All Veterans are responsible for registering into their classes each semester.  The 826 form completed with a counselor or advisor is the guide for you to follow when registering for classes.  It is your responsibility to register for classes EACH semester and NOTIFY the Veteran Certifying Official/Clerk.

  • Veteran student needs to use the Program Sheets to determine which classes are required for registration.  This is what the VA Auditor will examine during an audit.  Taking the wrong classes can lead to an overpayment, as determined by VA requirements.

  • DO NOT take any electives until Prior Credit has been evaluated by a Counselor.

  • GI Bill veterans have priority registration.  WHCL Veterans Services highly recommends that GI Bill veteran students enroll for classes during the priority registration period. 

  • Priority Registration Dates are pending—The tentative dates should be around late October/Early November.  Please check with your Certifying Official!!!

  • The schedule for the 16-17 academic terms is available for you to review.  Please check the schedule and prepare your 826 form prior to your counseling/advising appointment or submission of the online 826 form.

Approved Schedule Plan—826 form

  • Please review the schedule online and have your 826 Form completed with the basic information i.e. Name, Address, Telephone number, etc.  If you already know what classes you will be taking for the spring, summer or fall semester, simply write them on your 826 Form and register for them during Priority Registration and turn in your form that day. It also advises WHCL Veteran Services that you are returning to WHCL for the upcoming semester and is the form that starts your GI Bill money.  Without this form you will BE DROPPED FOR NON-PAYMENT, no matter what chapter benefits you are using.

  • Remember that WHCL Veterans Services DOES NOT KNOW if you are a veteran planning to attend a semester without your 826 Form.

Petition to Graduate

  • The last day to complete your Petition to Graduate application is October 14, 2016.  Please call and schedule an appointment before October 10, 2016 to ensure that you have a counseling/advising session.


Chapter 30         Chapter 35         Chapter 1606/1607        Fee Waivers

***All new & returning students are required to pay for enrollment fees within 24 hours of registration***

Chapter 31         Chapter 33

***Chp 33 new students are put into a billing co-hort pending proper documentation of payment***

***Chp 31 new students are put into a billing co-hort only when the Vocational Rehab representative has released consent***

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