T.E.A.M. Teach- January 2017!



Textbook Check-Out Hours....Return  Your Books!

We still have some textbooks available for Spring 2017 and some books that still need to be turned in from Fall 2016. Textbook checkout and check-in hours will take place at our checkout room in the library on the following days or times. For more information on textbook checkout please e-mail Keila Reyes at keilareyes@my.whccd.edu!

  • Wednesday, January 18th from 8:00 a.m.-Noon
  • Thursday, January 19th from 1:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.


T.E.A.M. Teach Kickoff Huddle... Thursday, January 19th!

We will be having our first huddle of the semester from Noon-12:50 p.m. on Thursday, January 19th in the WHC Lemoore Conference Center. The huddle will feature information about upcoming events for the semester, updates from our counselor, and a chance to hear from the Educators Rising student club members. We serve free pizza (bring your own beverage) and if you attend 6 huddles this school year (16-17) you get a brand new T.E.A.M. Teach t-shirt… for many of you this will be your 6th T.E.A.M. Teach event so you will get to wear the new t-shirt!


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Road tripMOT Trip

Thank You T.E.A.M. Teachers for Your Generosity... 95 Donated and Delivered Backpacks!..Happy Holidays!


Teach! 2016 Conference @ West Hills College Lemoore...A Great Day


Check out this article about our event and the photo album below....thanks to all who attended!


Teach! 2016   


Gearing up for 2016-2017....
Save-the-Date and Follow Us!

  • Tuesday, October 4th- Huddle! @ WHCL Conference Center- Noon-1:00
  • Friday, October 7th- Road Trip to TBA
  • Friday, November 4th- Teach! 2016 Conference for Future Educators!
  • Tuesday, December 6th- T.E.A.M. Teach Gives Back (Pack) Huddle @ WHCL Conference Center- Noon-1:00

Road Trip


Thanks to all our T.E.A.M. Teach students who served as mentors at our 5c Experience 2016! Check out the photos below!


WHCL 5c Experience 2016- Week 1

Congrats to our record-number of transfers and graduates! Check out the photos below from our Celebration Huddle in May!


Team Teach

Top 10 Reasons to Join T.E.A.M. Teach


  1. Textbook Check Out - Check out up to three textbooks a semester for free! Books will be available for check out the Wednesday before the semester begins! Saves you hundreds of $ each semester!
  2. Jobs - CTE tutors at local high schools, After School Programs, 5C Experience, AVID, and many other opportunities.
  3. University Partnerships - West Hills College has transfer partnerships and degree completion programs with Fresno Pacific and Fresno State. Take satellite courses, upper division coursework, and credential classes here on the WHC Lemoore campus.
  4. Mentor Connect- Mentor teachers will help guide you through the pipeline.
  5. CBEST Test Prep - Preparation classes for the CBEST test are offered annually.
  6. Counseling - A dedicated T.E.A.M. Teach counselor will meet with you on a regular basis to ensure you have the correct education plan for your chosen teacher pathway
  7. Monthly Huddles and Events- Each month the students in our program "huddle up" for information, food, and support. We also host an annual kickoff dinner, annual conferences, and other events to help you become a teacher!
  8. T.E.A.M. Teach Website- visit our website which has links to register for the program, education links, resources, videos, and other information. Go to teamteach.westhillscollege.com (no www or http required)
  9. T.E.A.M. Teach Updates- Twitter, Instagram, Text, and E-mail- a monthly e-mail from the program, follow us on Instagram (@team.teach)twitter updates, and texts keep you up-to-date on the latest T.E.A.M. Teach information.  You can follow us on Twitter @ Twitter.com/teamteach or get text updates sent directly to your cell phone by texting "follow teamteach" to 40404.
  10. Learning Community Classes: during your first two semesters we have learning community classes available which share students, curriculum, and teachers to prepare you for your own classroom. The learning community classes features classes to help you learn teaching techniques and provide hands-on classroom experiences (Education 1 and Education 5), improve your communication skills (English 1A or 51A and Communications 1), and increase your technology skills (CIS 7)
T.E.A.M. Staff


James Preston- Dean of Educational Services

925-3146; jamespreston@whccd.edu

Office located in the Administration Building


Tiffani Gonzales, T.E.A.M. Teach Counselor

925-3128; tiffanigonzales@whccd.edu

Office located in the Administration Building

Rita Herghelian, T.E.A.M. Teach Advisor

925-3321; ritaherghelian@whccd.edu

Office located in the Administration Building


Jasmine Wyatt- Student-Worker



SuperteamT.E.A.M. Team

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