Student Programs
Outreach Programs

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The Outreach Program strives to maintain a well-rounded list of class offerings in the vast area of the District. The program serves the needs of people in the communities of Avenal, Cantua Creek, Coalinga, Firebaugh, Five Points, Helm, Huron, Kettleman City, Lemoore, Mendota, Riverdale, San Joaquin, Stratford, Tranquillity, and their particular surrounding areas.

There are program offerings in adult basic education; classes of college-level credit; various non-credit classes; and community non-credit classes and community services classes meeting specific needs of interested persons and groups.

Students at the college level may earn credits in designated programs, which lead to occupational certificates and/or the Associate of Arts or Science degrees.

Students desiring a four-year bachelor’s degree may complete most of the course work of the first two years at West Hills College.

Dean of Student Services

Joel Ruble