Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOPS)

Eligibility and Admission

  1. Must be attending West Hills College;
  2. complete the EOPS Application;
  3. be enrolled full-time (12 units or more);
  4. not have completed more than 70 units of degree applicable credits;
  5. qualify to receive a Board of Governors Grant based on income standard or public assistance criteria only;
  6. be educationally disadvantaged as determined by the EOPS staff. Determination disadvantaged is based on one of the following factors:
    • not qualified for applicable degree level English or Mathematics courses;or
    • did not graduated from high school or have a General Education Diploma (GED);or
    • graduated from high school with GPA below 2.50;or
    • previously enrolled in remedial education;or
    • first generation college student
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