5C Experience
5c Experience 2014: H.A.P.P.Y.?

The 5c Experience 2014- June 16th-June 26th

The Creative and Cool Community College Camp @ WHC Lemoore

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5C Experience 2014 Partnerships and Scholarships

Partnerships and scholarships for the 2014 program are being coordinated with:

  • LIFE After School Program from Liberty Middle School (30 scholarships)
  • WHCCD Employees (20 scholarships)
  • Armona Migrant Program (20 scholarships)
  • Lakeside Migrant Program (6 scholarships)
  • Corcoran Migrant Program (16 scholarships)
  • HESD Migrant Program (30 scholarships)
  • Reef-Sunset Migrant Program (20 scholarships)
  • Lemoore Elementary Unified School District Migrant Program (20 scholarships)
  • Fee-based spots (25 spots available)- $350 per student for for families interested in sending their incoming 6th, 7th, or 8th grader to 5c.

Questions about the 5c Experience 2014? Please Contact:

James Preston- Dean of Education Services- 559-925-3146 or jamespreston@whccd.edu


Check out what happened at 5C 2013 by watching the video below:



Eyeball dissectionRockwall!


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Mentor Intro Video on YouTube!



Check out what we in 2012 at the 5c Experience!

5c 2012 on YouTube- click on this link to see our end of camp video for 2012 that features the teachers, curriculum, activities, and students that were part of our summer program!

The 6th C! -click on this link to check the highlights from our Creative and Cool Community College Concert (a.k.a.- The 6th C) that took place on Wednesday, June 27th. The concert featured students and staff and includes stellar vocal, instrumental, rap, dance, and air band performances!


5c FlickR- click on this link to access all the photos from camp!

5c 2011 Lipdub- click on this link to see our lipdub from camp during 2011