General Equivalency Diploma


Getting your GED is now easier than ever. Our FREE on-campus prep center prepares students for successfully passing the GED exams. One-on-one tutoring, workshops, and practice tests; paired with the supportive learning environment of West Hills Campus - Lemoore allows students to maximize the ability to pass the GED exams. Come see us in the ACE North lab (room 273) at West Hills College Lemoore to get started on obtaining your GED today!

How Having a GED Can Change Your Life

Having a GED will not only provide newly found confidence and independence, but it also opens up a wide variety of opportunities including:

  • Academic Opportunity - Eligibility for state, community, and vocational colleges.
  • Career Opportunity - Many jobs require at least a GED to be eligible.
  • Monetary Gain - The average difference in pay is almost $10,000 annually between individuals with and without having a GED.
  • Role Model - Become an inspiration to children and adults who don’t have their GED.
  • Economic Advantages - Having a GED can make it easier to find a job as unemployment rates are much lower compared to not having a GED.
Who Are We? 

We are a FREE preparatory center that provides students with the support and resources to maximize the ability to successfully pass the GED exam.

What Do We Do? 

We first provide students with an assessment to find out what specific areas they need to work on. The student then uses the resources we have available to work on those difficult areas. We also offer free tutoring, workshops, and rides to the testing center.

Where Are We Located? 

We are located on the West Hills College Lemoore campus in ACE North (room 273).