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What is Reg365?

West Hills College is making it possible for students to register in advance for classes for an entire year!

Students are able to register for all three semesters of the academic year at once. This will allow students to plan and guarantee their class schedule for a full academic year.

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Who Qualifies?

Reg365 is open to all students enrolled at West Hills College, but will benefit students with an educational plan the most. They will already know which classes they need to take if they're following their educational plan and making academic progress.

Students who are eligible for priority registration will be notified via email.

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Semester or Session Payment Deadline
Summer 2017 classes Fee payment within 24 hours
Fall 2017 classes By Saturday, July 15
Spring 2018 classes By November 1

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What is Reg365?

Reg 365 is the new West Hills registration system that will allow students to register for a full year of classes: summer, fall and spring.


When will I be able to view the class schedule?

The 2017-18 class schedule is available for viewing.


How will I know if I have priority registration?

Students can access their priority registration dates on April 4, 2017, by checking their student email. If you are not assigned a priority registration date, open registration begins May 1, 2017.


When will I get to register for classes?

If you are not assigned a priority registration date, open registration begins May 1, 2017. Check your student email after April 4 to see if you have been assigned an earlier registration appointment.


When do I have to pay for my classes?

See payment section above.


I’m on academic probation or dismissal.  Will I receive priority registration?

Students on second term probation or worse will not receive a priority registration appointment. They will be eligible to register on May 1, 2017.


I have taken over 70 units at West Hills.  Will I receive priority registration?

Students with 70 units or more in progress will not be allowed to register until May 1, 2017. Certain units such as basic skills and special sections will not count toward the 70 unit limit.


I’m currently a high school student, and plan to take classes at West Hills before I graduate.  How will Reg365 affect this?

There is no change. Students must complete the special admit form for each term they wish to register.


I don’t plan to start classes until the spring semester.  Can I wait to register?

Certain high demand classes may fill up. You have a better chance of getting the schedule you want/need if you register early. 


Will classes still have waitlists?

Yes, classes will still have waitlists.


If I fail a course in the summer or fall and need to repeat it, will there be seats left in the class when I try to repeat it?

Yes; however, there may be limited seats left in both the classes and on the waitlist. If you think you are not going to pass a class, you will need to drop it before you can register for a second time. Students can check course availability on myWestHills “Search for Classes”.


Can I appeal if I do not receive a priority registration appointment?

Yes, the appeal process and forms are available in student services and online.  You will need to make an appointment with your counselor, or if you are an online student, contact your counselor by email to help with your appeal. 


Can I register for a course if I haven’t completed its prerequisite(s)?

Yes, if you are currently enrolled in the “prerequisite” course, you may register for the next course before you receive your grade.  However, you will be dropped from the course if you do not pass the prerequisite class with a grade of “C” or higher.


I am currently enrolled in a course at another college that is a prerequisite for a course I plan to register for at WHC.  How do I ensure that I can register for this class when priority registration begins?

College policy allows you to challenge a prerequisite even if it is being met at another institution. There are deadlines in which the prerequisite challenge must be met in order to enroll.  Please contact your counselor at the campus you attend to file a Prerequisite/Co-requisite Challenge form.



If you have any additional questions please email