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Arts & Letters


The associate degree offers concentrations in Studio Art and Art History. The Studio Art concentration is a general curriculum that provides a broad education in the visual arts.

  • Arts (AA)

Liberal Arts

The Liberal Arts with an Emphasis in Arts and Humanities Associate Degree program is designed to provide the transfer Arts and/or Humanities student the opportunity to earn an associate degree with specialization in areas of the student's choice.

  • Emphasis Art & Humanities (AA)
  • Emphasis Communication (AA)
  • Emphasis Elementary Teacher Preparation (AA)

Career Technical Education CTE Academy

Administration of Justice

The Associate in Science Degree in Administration of Justice for Transfer (AS-T) is designed to prepare students to enter careers in law enforcement, corrections or investigative positions in the private sector.

  • For Transfer (AS-T)
  • Correction (AA)
  • Law Enforcement (AA


The Business Program of study prepares the student for entry level positions in areas such as bookkeeping, management and retailing.

  • Business (AA, AS, C)
  • Bookkeeping (AA, AS, C) Gainful Employment Icon
  • Business Management (AA, AS, C) Gainful Employment Icon
  • Retail Business Management (AA, AS, C) Gainful Employment Icon

Business Administration

The Business Administration curriculum is intended for those interested in transferring to a four-year college or university to earn a Bachelor of Arts or Science degree.

  • Business Administration (AA, AS)

Computer Information Systems

The Computer Information Systems Program at West Hills College Lemoore teaches concepts, procedures and terminology as well as the skills and applications necessary to operate computers and network systems.

  • Computer Information Systems (AA, AS)
  • Intro to Programming (C) Gainful Employment Icon
  • Networking Fundamentals (C) Gainful Employment Icon

Hospitality, Restaurant & Casino Management

This industry specific program is intended to prepare the student to work in the unique environment of a hospitality organization.

Office Technologies

The Office Technologies program offers a variety of certificates and an AA degree program that guide students toward successful employment in business and government. A number of short-term certificate are available and can be built upon to earn an AA degree

  • Office Technologies (AA, LC)

Health & Wellness


The Kinesiology curriculum is designed to provide the opportunity to achieve an associate degree in the student's area of specialization, while a baccalaureate degree is recommended preparation for those considering professional careers in this field.

  • Kinesiology (AA)


The goal of this ADN program is to prepare students to meet the requirements for licensure as a Registered Nurse in California. The emphasis of the program will be on prioritization, leadership, organization and delegation (PLOD).

  • Nursing (AS)
  • LVN to Nursing RN (AS, C) Gainful Employment Icon

Health Science (General)

The Health Science (General) program is designed for those students planning to transfer to two-year institutions to attain specific and additional training in a particular field of study such as dental hygiene, health care assistant, nursing and radiology technician.

  • Health Science (General) (AS)

Paramedic (EMT)

Need Description Text

  • Paramedic (C) Gainful Employment Icon

Math & Sciences


The Biology Program provides students with the opportunity to earn an associate degree in the student's area of specialization and prepares the student for transfer to a four-year institution.

  • Biology (AS)


Options in the chemistry curriculum allow students to prepare for Associate Arts or Science degree level careers as well as the first two years for a wide variety of careers or programs

  • Chemistry* (AA, AS)


Engineers analyze, design, build, test and perfect our environment by applying science and math to practical applications. Students with an interest in engineering can earn an associate degree and develop knowledge and skills necessary to transfer to a four-year degree program.

  • Engineering (AS)

Liberal Arts

The Liberal Arts with an Emphasis in Math and Science degree provides an area of emphasis for students that wish to develop a broad knowledge base while focusing on core mathematics and scientific skills useful for their intended transfer major.

  • Emphasis Math & Science (AA)
  • Emphasis Social Sciences (AA)


The Mathematics Associate Degree allows students to begin preparation for careers in quantitative professions such as actuarial science, education, computer programming, systems analysis and operations research analysis.

  • For Transfer (AS-T)


The mission of the Physics Program is to prepare students for transfer to a baccalaureate program in physics, engineering, or other related technical disciplines by educating them in the fundamental concepts of mathematics and physics.

  • Physics (AA, AS)
  • For Transfer (AS-T)

Social Sciences

Child Development

The West Hills College Lemoore Child Development Program offers a comprehensive background in the field of child growth and development.

  • Child Development (AA)
  • Teacher Level (C) Gainful Employment Icon
  • Assistant Teacher Level (LC)


The Associate Degree in Geography is designed to provide the West Hills College Lemoore transfer student with those lower division courses that can be applied to geography major or minor at the upper division level.

  • Geography* (AA)


Geology trains individuals in the physical aspects and history of the earth. These individuals are then able to locate natural resources such as petroleum and minerals and work in laboratories.

  • Geology* (AA, AS)


The Psychology Associate Degree program is designed to provide entry-level skills and knowledge for the student transferring to a four-year institution with a major in psychology.

  • Psychology (AA)


* Some courses needed to complete these degree programs are offered infrequently

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Certificates of Achievement are noted on the student transcript and a certificate awarded Local certificates are not noted on the student transcript; however, a certificate is issued to the student.