Engineering Curriculum and Courses
Engineering Curriculum

The recommended 2-Year Course Roadmap for engineering majors is shown in the matrix below. 

Engineering Roadmap

A more detailed Engineering Bingo Sheet shows courses and prerequisites/corequisites information for the Engineering associate degree from West Hills College Lemoore.

Engineering Courses

ENGR 10 Introduction to Engineering

Introduction to the fields of engineering, courses of study, major disciplines and career opportunities, resources for engineering students, engineering design and analysis, ethics in engineering, engineering case studies, and technical communication skills.

ENGR 15 Engineering Computations

An introductory computer programming course for engineers focusing on the C programming language and the UNIX programming environment; operators, standard I/O functions, strings, pointers and arrays, data types and storage classes.  

ENGR 20 Engineering Graphics

Introduction to graphical communication and design for engineers.  The course focuses on engineering design, visualization, sketching, orthographic projection, section views, auxiliary views, formal engineering drawings, descriptive geometry, manufacturing processes, dimensioning and tolerancing; use of Computer Aided Design (CAD) software to support engineering design. 

ENGR 25 Electrical Circuits

The study of fundamental principles of electrical circuits including direct current circuit analysis, AC transient and steady-state circuit analysis, Ohm’s law, Kirchoff’s laws, nodal methods of circuit analysis, capacitors and inductors, phasors and polyphase circuits.

ENGR 31 Engineering Materials

The study of the structure of matter and its effect on the mechanical, electrical, magnetic, and thermal properties of materials including metals, polymers, ceramics, composites, and electronic materials.  The structure of matter includes atomic bonding, crystal structure, defects, thermodynamics and kinetics.  The course provides an integrated study of the structure, processing, properties and performance of materials and their implications in the context of engineering materials.

ENGR 35 Engineering Mechanics: Statics

The study of the statics of particles, equivalent systems of force for rigid bodies, distributed forces and centroids and centers of gravity, analysis of structures including trusses, frames and machines, forces in beams and cables, friction, moments of inertia, and the method of virtual work.

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