About West Hills College Lemoore

Strategic Master Plan


Mission Statement

West Hills College Lemoore enriches the lives of our students and the community we serve by being dedicated to quality educational learning opportunities and partnerships.  The college provides a positive environment that is committed to student learning and empowering students to achieve their educational goals.

Vision Statement

Learning Through Excellence and Innovation.



Institutional Outcome 1 - WHCL is committed to provide quality education to students and the community.


  • Community Participation Rates
  • High School Graduates Participation Rates
  • Overall Success Rates
  • Overall Retention Rates
  • Persistence Rates (continuous enrollment)
  • Student Learning Outcomes Implementation and assessment


Institutional Outcome 2 - WHCL is committed to empower students to achieve their educational goals.


  • Basic skills math successful course completion & retention
  • Basic skills ESL successful course completion & retention
  • Basic skills English successful course completion & retention
  • Vocational courses successful course completion & retention
  • Degree and certificate completion
  • Transfers to four year institutions


Institutional Outcome 3 - WHCL will effectively maintain and increase its resources and productivity.


  • Monitor Student Headcount
  • Meet Full-Time Equivalent Students (FTES) Goals
  • Successful Grant Acquisitions
  • Increase Revenue Generated by Outside Capitol Campaign Activities


Guiding Principles

West Hills College Lemoore is student-centered and is dedicated to providing high quality learning opportunities. We are guided by our core values:

Access: Ensure accessibility to all our programs and services.


Collaboration: Emphasize efforts to understand and meet community needs and garner community support. Support   collaborative decision-making processes.


Community:Develop and foster a sense of community within the college.


Diversity:Respect and embrace diversity in our programs and learning environments.


Excellence:Provide high quality learning, teaching, and service opportunities.


Innovation:Support innovation and technology to enhance learning environments, services, and                          communication.


Integrity: Advocate and demonstrate honesty, truthfulness, equity, and ethics.


Mutual Respect: Promote an environment of open communication.



There are several “themes” woven into each of the Institutional Outcomes and their respective success indicators.

Institutional Commitments to provide high quality educational programs and services consistent with the institutional and college mission by focusing on student learning;

Evaluation, Planning, and Improvement is an ongoing process that includes goal setting; distribution of funding, facilities and staffing; implementation, and reevaluation;

Student Learning Outcomes demonstrates the college’s effectiveness to produce and support student learning by developing student learning outcomes at the course, program, certificate, and degree level;

Organization is demonstrated by having adequate staff, resources and a shared governance decision-making process to identify and make public: student learning outcomes, to evaluate the effectiveness of programs in producing those outcomes, and to make improvements;

Dialogue is open and honest participation in the college’s process of self-reflection based on reliable information about the college’s programs and services and evidence on how well the institution is meeting student needs;

Institutional Integrity is demonstrated by concern with honesty, truthfulness, and the manner in which the college represents itself to all communities, internal and external.






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