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Role: The PGC represents all constituent groups of WHCL, develops or revises and approves governance policies and communicates with the respective groups.  The strategic planning process guides budget priorities.  Recommendations made by the PGC reflect the values and support the mission of the College and are in the best interest of improving student success and serving the community.  The PGC, as the recognized participatory governance body of the College, creates the processes for recommending College policies and governance committee structures.  The PGC amends and guides the planning processes and recommends policies and procedures to respond to the changing needs of the student population and the internal external environments.  The PGC develops, implements, evaluates continuously and revises, if necessary, the College plans and initiatives, both long-term and short-term.  A three-year planning cycle is used to implement the Master Plan.  The PGC has oversight of college standing committees and receives and monitors reports.  Communication with individual constituencies and participation in the Council meetings are primary responsibilities of the PGC members.


Products:  Annual evaluation of the institutional outcomes, Strategic Plan and program reviews, annual progress report, policies and procedures recommendations.


Diversity Statement:  The PGC will review all new committee structures, policies, or procedures for the diversity statements, holding the “requesting” individual or group accountable for including the consideration of appropriate diversity issues into their processes.


PGC Membership (Approved:  9/15/2010)  

Voting Members                                

1 - Chairperson - College President (votes only in case of a tie)

1 - WHC Faculty Association (WHCFA)

1 - Academic Senate

2 - Classified School Employees Association (CSEA)

2 - Administrators

2 - Associated Student Body (ASB)

Non Voting Members

1 - Counselor/Advisor   

1 - Curriculum Committee Chair 

1 - Librarian                             

1 - Chair, Budget Allocation Committee                         

1 - Chair, Institutional Effectiveness & Program Review Committee

1 - Chair, Student Learning Outcomes Committee

1 - Chair, Student Success Committee

1 - Chair, Employee Development & Success Committee

1 - Chair, Facilities, Safety, and Auxiliary Services Committee

1 - Chair, Technology Committee

1 - Chair, Basic Skills Initiative Committee

Reporting Relationship: The PGC Chairperson reports to the District Leadership Council, Chancellor, and Board of Trustees.


Meeting Schedule:  Twice per month


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