Ground Services

Grounds operates a college weather station that provides the grounds staff with a powerful tool to aid in growing green turf grass, while conserving important resources such as water and power. The weather station monitors rainfall, wind speed, and direction, air temperature, relative humidity, and solar radiation. Using this information, a software version of the modified Penman Equation determines turf grass water requirements. State-of-the-art free-flow devices enhance this technology. The soil amendment equipment increases turf quality and density, improved soil conditions (including permeability, compaction, and soil salinity) while conserving water and fertilizer resources.

A. Landscape Maintenance

The campus comprises 26 acres, of which 14 acres are intensively landscaped. Ground Services cares for the trees, turf, shrubs, ground covers, and other plantings. To keep our campus beautiful, we do the following:

Irrigate - 1 irrigation system on campus

Mow Turf - 12 acres of general lawn

  • Edge
  • Aerify
  • Provide Drainage
  • Remove Leaves
  • Pick Up Litter
  • Control Weeds


  • Prune
  • Renovate
  • Remove

Tree notes: There are 667 trees on campus and visitors to the campus often remark on the beauty of our campus, 3096 plants and 3438 sprinklers to help keep the landscape green and beautiful all year round.

B. Hardscape Maintenance

Grounds are responsible for the care of the Hardscape on campus, which is essentially everything outdoors that is connected to the ground. Overall, this covers the following:

  • Streets / Firelanes
  • Site Furnishings
  • Walks & Plazas
  • Parking Lots


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