Residence Hall
Residence Hall On Campus Housing

West Hills College Coalinga provides on-campus housing for single students.  Males are housed in Gordon Hall with a capacity for 121 and females are assigned to Ivans Hall with a capacity for 56.  Each residence hall is staffed with a live-in Housing Coordinator and student Resident Assistants. The residence halls are equipped with cable television in each room, wireless internet accessible from anywhere in the building, laundry facilities, computer room, TV, and recreational room. 

Front Desk

Student Living

Common Area

General Information

The Goals of Residence Life:

  • To provide students with a secure and safe environment
  • To encourage student's academic success
  • To promote a better understanding of different cultures and lifestyles
  • To promote student responsibility
  • To provide students with a sense of belonging
  • To provide opportunities for students to develop and grow

Why Living On Campus is the Best Choice for
West Hills Students

  • Students who live in the residence halls are more likely to graduate
  • Students who live in the residence halls tend to have higher grade point averages
  • An easy way to make new friends
  • Fun programs and activities
  • Convenient
  • Trips for residence hall students
  • Cost-effective
  • Financial aid is available for those who qualify

Residence Hall Association
The Residence Hall Association is a student organization for residents in the hall. The Residence Hall Association sponsors many activities in the hall and is also a student voice for the halls.