International Students Program
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Actual Quotes from International Student Program Students

-Our local community is very supportive of international students.

-This college has a very good nature, small classes.

-The weather's nice and they have football.

-We decided to choose a college with dorms.

-We have students from every part of the globe coming to a small community college. They get the support services that they probably would not receive at a larger community college.

-I get great support from the staff here. They really help me a lot and they're really nice.

-They'll make friends, they'll make friends with American students, but they also get involved with the community.

-It's a family environment so the students will never feel alone.

-Like back home, it's a family feeling.

-Coalinga is kind of remote, there's not that many distractions going on around you.

-I think it improves your chances of going to your ultimate goal, like a four year school somewhere.

-You focus your time on your classes.

-For international students we have a program called Conversational Partners, they can speak to a tutor, they can just come in and practice their English.

-The International Office can help you get the right classes to help you graduate.

-Good location, good community, very nice, nice place.

-We have small classroom sizes because it really helps them succeed.

-I've been very impressed with the preparation with a lot of the faculty here, the commitment.

-Most of our faculty do have a Master's Degree, but some of them do have a PhD. All of our instructors are so excited or motivated and enthusiastic to host our international students and just work with them.

-International students, they're excellent workers. They're very eager to learn.

-We do see our students transferring to many prestigious universities in California, but they do transfer out of state to colleges like Arizona State, Penn State, and University Of Washington. Once you go here, you can go anywhere.

-West Hills College is preparing me to take the next step.
-After I graduate college I'll go back to Japan, and I'll do a whole business to help handicapped people.

-Without West Hills I wouldn't be as successful as I am today.

-It's a really good place to experience American culture. You won't get left behind. You'll feel a part of the school and at the same time you'll get the education that can give you the basis to go further.