Cooperative Work Experience Education

Class Materials & Forms

Cooperative Work Experience Education triplicate forms:  These forms are samples, original documents are located in the work experience packet.  For extra forms, please contact the instructor.

Student Application
This triplicate form must be signed and dated by the student/employee, the supervisor and the CWEE instructor.

General/Vocational Training Agreement
This agreement is the most important and the most difficult to complete.  It requires that both the student/employee and the supervisor establish four training objectives which must be completed on the job during the semester.  The four learning objectives must be stated in a very specific way.

Employer's Evaluation and Verification of Hours
This form (due at the end of the semester) must be signed and dated by the student/employee and the supervisor.

Cooperative Work Experience packet forms:  Lost your packet?  Download and/or print any of these vital forms for the work experience class.

  • course syllabus
  • assignment instructions
  • class schedule
  • enrollment classification form

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