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Instructional Services  

Instructional Goals

West Hills College Coalinga will provide:

  1. A transfer program.
  2. Occupational courses and programs to meet the immediate and projected needs of students.
  3. A procedure by which learning disabilities can be detected and remedial help made available.
  4. Instructional and support services for students with special needs, to include but not limited to, the physically and educationally handicapped, the senior citizen, and the re-entry student.
  5. Educational opportunities and learning experiences for all residents of the college district.
  6. General education in those areas that is required for everyday living, such as communications and the humanities.
  7. Courses and programs that will enhance the physical and emotional well-being of the members of its service community.
  8. Courses and programs that will familiarize students with a wide cultural base so that they may become aware of their humanity and become effective members of society.
  9. Courses that will enable students and community members to acquire the knowledge, skill, and experience in recreational activities for the enrichment of their lives.
  10. Support services for instructional courses and programs offered throughout the District.
  11. Experiences which will develop in students a sense of pride in themselves, their community, their nation, and West Hills College Coalinga.

Cooperative Work Experience Education (CWEE)

Cooperative Work Experience Education (CWEE) develops skills and knowledge by integrating classroom study with planned, supervised work experience.  It is based on the principle that well-educated individuals develop most effectively through an educational plan that incorporates work experience. Through these structured experiences, the students enrich their college study, which enhances their total development.

There are two types of work experience programs:

1.   General Work Experience Education

This program is designed to aid the student in developing desirable work habits and need not be related to the college major or career intents.  Students may earn up to 3 units per semester or a maximum of 6 units of total credit in general work experience for paid or voluntary work.  General Work Experience is not a payable class under VA benefits.

2.  Occupational Work Experience Education

This program is designed to extend occupational work opportunities through work, paid or voluntary, in the occupation of the student's major.  Students may earn up to 4 units of total credit.  Occupational work experience is offered in the following majors:

  • Administration of Justice;
  • Agriculture;
  • Business;
  • Computer Information Systems;
  • Child Development;
  • Educational Assistant;
  • Health Science;
  • Hotel, Restaurant & Casino Management;
  • Welding Technology

These two types of work experience may be taken under two plans:

1.  Parallel Plan

This plan allows the student to simultaneously enroll in classes (at least 7 units, including work-experience) and work part-time (up to 20 hours per week). This plan is available for both general and occupational work experience.

2.  Alternate Plan

This plan allows the student to attend college full-time one semester and work full-time the next semester.  A student may take 8 units of work experience but may only be enrolled in one other course.  A student must complete 12 units of credit the semester before enrolling in the alternate plan.  This plan is only available for occupational work experience.

Students may transfer from the Parallel Plan to the Alternate Plan or vice versa but must complete an additional 12 units of credit the semester between switching plans.

In addition, a student may not enroll in General and Occupational Work Experience concurrently.  If General and Occupational Work Experience are combined, a student may earn a maximum of 16 units of credit.  A student receives 1 unit for each 60 hours of volunteer work, or 1 unit for every 75 hours of paid employment.

Specific requirements for enrollment are:

  1. Fulfill the requirements for enrollment under either the parallel or alternate plan.
  2. Pursue work experience that in the opinion of the CWEE Coordinator includes new or expanded responsibilities beyond those expected in previous volunteer service or employment
  3. Ensure the cooperation of the employer with the college in the supervision and evaluation of the student
  4. For occupational work experience, the on-the-job experience must be related to the major
  5. Attend all coordination/consultation meetings in addition to other work and class expectations

The ALPHA Center

The ALPHA Center (Accelerated Learning Path to Higher Achievement) provides students with basic skills that enable them to be successful in their academic classes and professional lives.

Computer-assisted classes in reading, writing, math, and ESL are offered on the Coalinga campus. Students may also use the ALPHA computers during open hours for self-paced and individualized instruction. Students are also permitted to use the computers in the Learning Center Lab in the library.

The ALPHA staff works with students, instructors and counselors to give effective learning assistance.

Learning Resource Center

West Hills College Coalinga provides a variety of support services in Coalinga and at North District Center. According to research findings, those students who regularly use the library/learning resources center in the course of their college education are the ones who make the best grades and succeed in higher education.

Locating information in the library is not limited to looking in the card catalog drawers.  There are now computer terminals that contain information on books as well as journal articles in full text and information gateways to the World Wide Web.  Additionally, each year significant money is spent on updating our library holdings.  These materials are there to use.  The library staff is available to aid in the learning process of finding information.

Services include:

  • A circulation book collection
  • A reference book collection
  • An automated materials catalog
  • A coin-operated copy machine
  • A computer laboratory
  • Group study rooms
  • Internet research services to the World Wide Web
  • A newspaper collection- access to online newspapers from 180 titles
  • A periodical collection-access to online periodical articles from 1,850 titles

Electronic Resources

Licensed electronic resources provided by the District are available for writing research papers.  All these databases are available in the library, or from a home computer.  See a librarian for user ID and password.


The Outreach Program strives to maintain a well-rounded list of class offerings in the vast area served by West Hills College Coalinga. The program serves the needs of people in the communities of Avenal, Cantua Creek, Coalinga, Firebaugh, Five Points, Helm, Huron, Mendota, San Joaquin, Tranquillity, and surrounding areas. There are program offerings in adult basic education; classes of college-level credit; various non-credit classes; and community non-credit classes and community services classes meeting specific needs of interested persons and groups.

Students at the college level may earn credits in designated programs which lead to occupational certificates and/or the Associate Arts or Science degrees. desiring a four-year bachelor's degree may complete most of the course work of the first two years at West Hills College Coalinga.