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Distance Learning

West Hills College is committed to meeting the student needs of the five counties that it serves. An emphasis has been placed on distance learning courses in order to make a college education available to students that live in the remote areas of the district or are otherwise unable to attend traditional classes. Wes Hills College offers online courses that can be completed from any location with an internet connection. We also offer videoconference courses that allow students on multiple campuses to participate in class together.


Online courses at West Hills College do not have a campus attendance requirement; instead, students and faculty communicate using West Hills College email, discussion boards, group chats and the online classroom. These classes are fully asynchronous and serve students worldwide. A pioneer in online education, West Hills College began offering online instruction in 1998. There are currently three Associate of Arts degrees available online in the areas of Administration of Justice, Library Studies and Psychology. The district physical education requirement can be waived for students over 21.

Online courses are available in the following subject areas: Administration of Justice, Business, Computer Information Systems, Economics, English, Geography, Health Education, History, Mathematics, Physical Science, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology. We expect to add more subjects to our offerings in the future.


Videoconference courses allow the full breadth of academic curricula to be available to each campus. The technology of multi-conferencing brings together students and instructors throughout the district to optimize the interaction and learning experience of students at each site.