2004 - 2005 Catalog

Course Descriptions


NC 100     

Class Hours:  90 (max), Laboratory by arrangement

NC 100 is a non-credit course which provides tutoring assistance to increase the probability of a student's successfully completing his or her educational objectives.  Hours will vary depending upon individual student needs.  Tutoring will be done in a Learning Resource Center. May be taken four times for credit. (NDA)

NC 140      

Class Hours:  30 Laboratory

NC140 is assigned to provide mildly and moderately disabled adults opportunities to develop personal, vocational, social, behavioral and community integrated activities for the purpose of achieving a more normalized lifestyle in the home, work and community environments. (NDA)


NC 141      

Class Hours:  30 Laboratory

NC 141 provides paid work opportunities to individuals with a variety of disabilities.  The program is intended for those individuals who lack competitive job skills at the time of placement due to disability but who are capable both vocationally and socially of performing work with work crews and enclaves.  These crews receive job coaching and follow along support. Pay is based on individual productivity. (NDA)

NC 142

Class Hours:  30 Laboratory

NC 142 provides job skill development, extended employment, off-site employment, living skills and support services to individuals who, at referral, are too severely disabled to work in a competitive job situation. Services will assist in maximizing vocational development and independent living through renumerative work opportunities.  Pay is based on individual productivity. (NDA)

NC 154      

Class Hours:  3 Lecture

NC 154 is a non-transfer course which presents a background for understanding parent-child relationships in the changing social environment; explores various methods of child rearing; and gives help and practical ideas to parents and those who deal with young people. (NDA)

NC 157      

Class Hours:  3 Laboratory

NC 157 is a course in mild exercise designed essentially for middle and older adults who, for one reason or another, have not maintained a satisfactory level of physical activity. (NDA)

NC 160      

Class Hours:  3 Lecture

NC 160 is a course to prepare students who have not graduated from high school for the General Education Development test, which is the equivalent of a high school diploma. (NDA)

NC 161      

Designed by the Department of Corrections, this course prepares the client with living skills and resources that will assist the client transition to outside living.  Topics such as money management, employability skills, communication skills, community resources, and parole resources will be covered in depth.