2004 - 2005 Catalog

Course Descriptions


ECON 1A   

Class Hours: 3 Lecture CR/NC CAN ECON 2 CSU General Education Requirement: D3 Strongly Recommended Preparation:  ENG 51A or equivalent.

Economics 1A emphasizes macroeconomics introduction to American capitalism, national income concepts, employment, fiscal policy, money, monetary policy and economic growth. (AA, CSU, UC)

ECON 1B   

Class Hours: 3 Lecture CR/NC CAN ECON 4 CSU General Education Requirement: D2. Strongly Recommended Preparation:  ENG 51A or equivalent.

Economics 1B emphasizes microeconomics introduction to economics of the firm, resource allocation, current domestic economic problems and international economics. (AA, CSU, UC)

ECON 49/99               

Class Hours: 54 laboratory for each semester unit. No more than 2 units per semester per 49/99 series.

Economics 49/99 is designed for students who wish to undertake special projects related to a particular field.  Students, under instructor guidance and acknowledgement, may pursue individual exploration after completing or while currently enrolled in at least one course in the department of directed study. (AA, CSU)



Class Hours: 18 Lecture hours or 54 Laboratory hours for each semester unit.

All courses numbered 60 are designed to permit departments to meet an immediate student or  community need, to explore newer methods in teaching a subject, to offer courses which are innovative, and to provide curriculum variety and flexibility.  A required course description identifies each course subject.  These courses may be taken for CR/NC.