2004 - 2005 Catalog

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Course Descriptions

Administration of Justice


AOJ 56 Hospital Peace Officer Training Academy (18.5)

Class Hours: 16.5 Lecture , 6 Laboratory

Prerequisite(s): California law requires that students provide proof of a Department of Justice-Fingerprint Clearance (BID-7 Card) letter in order to attend firearms training. A clearance is not required if the students has a prior clearance on file with this institution or is sponsored by a law enforcement agency.

Advisory: ENG 51A or equivalent

AOJ 56 is a basic course in hospital peace officer training as determined by the California Department if Mental Health and the California Penal Code. This course provides training in powers of arrest, search, seizure and firearms, and covers topics in forensic law enforcement.


SP 1

Class Hours: 3 Lecture CAN SPCH 4CSU General Education Requirement: A1
Prerequisite: ENG 51A or equivalent.

SP 1 provides instruction in the fundamental processes of oral communication. This course is designed to improve the student's ability to function in any speaking situation. Emphasis is on the basic concepts of speaking as a transfer of understood messages, particularly as a communication between a single speaker and an audience. Students are involved in the critical thinking process of preparing and delivering extemporaneous speeches and in the development of active listening skills. (AA, CSU, UC)